Top 7 smart mobile apps for pilots

The latest digital technologies have made an enormous impact on pilots’ work. Now, it is possible to keep most of the essential logbooks, advanced weather and data logging applications just in one device!

Due to the booming technological advancements in mobile solutions, pilots can save their time by getting information about flights, airports and even receive warnings within a few button clicks on their smartphones. Have a glance at one of the most advanced mobile applications that can considerably ease the work of pilots.


This intelligent app for pilots provides a wide range of services such as flight planning, charts, weather, airport information, document management, flight logging, synthetic vision, and even more.

The unique feature of the ForeFlight app is Trip Assistant, which moves the flight planning experience into another level. Trip Assistant fastly measures the complete door-to-door trip time, including the information about fuel stops, drive to the airport and flight times.

The app, unfortunately, is only available on iOS devices such as the iPad or iPhone.

2. The AOPA Magazine App

The magazine app powered by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) allows simple access to digital editions of the AOPA Pilot and Flight Training magazines. The AOPA Mags app is available on Android and iOS devices.

The app is free of charge, but you have to be an AOPA member with a digital magazine subscription to have access to its content. The AOPA Mags app provides the latest aerospace-related news and interesting content to their main audience – pilots. 

3. Garmin Pilot 

This app, available on Apple devices, is the ideal mobile companion for flight crews. Plan a flight by having access to comprehensive global weather data such as TAFs, SIGMETs, METARs, NOTAMs and live lightning data.

The Garmin Pilot app helps to easily file the flight plan, by saving information to the cloud. The user does not need to re-enter the same information if he uses a different device. 

Also, the app allows users to view electronic checklists. Pilots can choose or manually type in the data of the aircraft into the Garmin Pilot. Once the device establishes a wireless connection with the aircraft, the app transfers the up-to-date database directly to the compatible avionic systems in a few moments.

4. FlyQ InSight

Forget any kind of problems related to finding information about  airports. FlyQ InSight combines airport information, flight planning, weather conditions and even fuel prices into one mobile app.

The augmented reality aerospace app offers a possibility to use your phone camera as a device to find airports. In addition, FlyQ InSight shows information about the nearest airports within seconds of scanning the area around you. The app is available on iPhones and iPads.

5. CloudAhoy

This app is an excellent option for flight instructors and post-flight debriefing. CloudAhoy combines the flight information, including aerodrome data, weather, aircraft registry and other important data. The main focus of CloudAhoy is to analyze different data sources and transform it into essential information.

CloudAhoy is available on all mobile and desktop devices. 

6. LogTen Pro

The app powered by Coradine Aviation is one of the most advanced electronic logbooks available on a mobile device. Experience quick flight logging and detailed analysis of the flight time. Moreover, LogTen Pro observes all the upcoming flights and warns a pilot of any potential issues. LogTen Pro is available on iOS devices.

7. RosterBuster

RosterBuster makes it easier to track your flying career with statistics about your flights and duties. Also, the app allows to check all the necessary information such as KCM, Wx, METAR, TAF and NOTAM for any airport globally. Furthermore, the RosterBuster app supports more than 500 airlines. RosterBuster is available on Android and iOS devices. 


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