On-Board athlete food menus adapted to customer needs


KlasJet, a private and corporate jet charter company and a family member of Avia Solutions Group, has come to a decision to refine the services it offers to its customers.

Due to the resumption of the upcoming international sports championships and leagues in 2020, the company has focused its efforts on perfecting the travel experience provided for sports teams participating in those events with a desire for success.

Being aware that a professional athlete’s nutrition must strictly align with a designated regimen at all times, KlasJet has been creating specialized menus, adjusted to each team’s individual requests. With a mutual aim to ensure peak performance conditions from athletes prior to their events, KlasJet has maintained a continuous collaboration with teams’ sports medicine doctors and its own partner THAT AVIATION ITALIA specializing in travel organization for VIP customers. “We are always eager to identify the requirements of our customers and find methods to exceed their expectations. As a company, we are rather privileged to have such a strong partnership with competitive and highly experienced professionals as well as all the resources necessary to support the demanding lifestyle of athletes”, says Rita Domkute, CEO of KlasJet.

A well-balanced and healthy diet must include all nutrients – carbohydrates, proteins and fats, which are irreplaceable nutritional sources for sustained muscle work and endurance. Vitamins and minerals are also vital for the regulation of organism and cellular processes as well as maintaining good bone structure. Water is fundamental across all the functional parameters of the whole body and for athletes – the sufficient consumption of it is very important before, during and after training sessions as sustained dehydration can cause a serious slump on performance. Baring that in mind, KlasJet is determined to provide catering solutions that fulfil these requirements with impeccable execution.

“BC Zalgiris has already taken this opportunity – we have incorporated the unique menus into the team’s routine and can safely say that we are fully satisfied with the outcome. A strong selection of nutritious food and drinks, tailored to our team’s needs has ensured that our athletes’ health condition is optimal. They are energetic and, most importantly, their results are excellent“, says Paulius Motiejunas, Team Director of Zalgiris.

In general, KlasJet ensures that athletes receive exceptional comfort levels while flying with the company. The check-in and security procedures are fast and convenient, the special kits of personal protective equipment are provided on-board and a variety of additional services, such as private door-to-door transportation, is offered in order to guarantee thorough safety, ease and simplicity.

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