MiG-31 fighter jet lands after losing a wheel [VIDEO]

Vyacheslav Sukhanov

Sparkles fly as Russian Mig-31 Foxhound fighter jet lands without one of its back wheels which fell off during a training flight. The incident occurred August 11, 2020 at Perm International Airport (PER), Russia. 

Initially, Russian media reported that some malfunction forced the heavy interceptor to undertake a spectacular emergency landing at the civilian airport.

The press service of the Russian Central Military District claims the flight went as planned, until right before the landing ground controller noticed that part of the airplane’s undercarriage was missing. The pilot was notified, and managed to successfully land the aircraft. No additional damage was sustained by the jet. 

Mig-31 Foxbat is a supersonic fighter jet produced by the Soviet Union and later Russia between 1975 and 1994. The Russian Defense ministry plans to keep modified versions of the aircraft in service at least until 2030. Recently, a number of modernized Mig-31s were deployed in the Russian Far East to monitor the Pacific Ocean, utilising their extreme speed capabilities.


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