Airbus drops A321XRL anti-condensation system, supplier concerned

Stepping up in the development of its newest plane, Airbus has reversed its resolution to offer an active dry-air generation system for moisture control as an option for the longest range airliner A321XLR. Anti-fuselage-condensation products supplier CTT Systems puts its development of an active moisture control system for the Airbus A320 Family on hold.

Sweden based aircraft humidity control technology company CTT Systems was notified by Airbus that the dry air generation system (DAGS) has been removed from the options baseline on the A321XLR aircraft. Earlier in February 2020, CTT Systems was selected by Airbus as a supplier of anti-fuselage-condensation products for the A320 Family. 

“I am concerned about this situation but will continue to engage with Airbus to agree a constructive way forward”, Torbjörn Johansson, CEO of CTT Systems said in a statement.

Following the manufacturer’s verdict to refuse anti-condensation system for A321XLR, CTT Systems declared regretting the Airbus’ decision. As stated by Johansson, the company’s anti-condensation technology is in high demand.

“I am convinced that our anti-fuselage-condensation technology is requested by many A320 customers”, he said, adding that the company is preparing to enter talks on the contract cancellation. As stated in CTT Systems press release, Airbus would have taken delivery of the system in 2020. The manufacturer aims to put the A321XLR into service in 2023.

The CTT anti-condensation system had been intended to remove trapped water in blankets and to maintain a dry crown area on the A321XLR. As a consequence, as CTT Systems declares, this dry-air generation system significantly reduces risk for unwanted excess weight from water accumulation. 

Lowered excess aircraft weight reduces fuel consumption and cuts carbon dioxide emissions as well as increases cost savings which comes from lower repair costs of moisture related damages in electrical components and equipment. Moisture control systems are common particularly for long-haul types including Airbus A380 and A350 as well as Boeing 787. 

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