Locatory.com advertising: the way to reach target audience


Locatory.com, a global aircraft parts and supplies marketplace, is offering its clients an advertising service focused on unrivaled versatility and affordability. The advertising services are a great way to build brand awareness and boost business presence in the Locatory.com marketplace.

In a study by Global Banking and Finance, 71% of consumers responded that the brand name was the leading factor in their decision before making a purchase. Utilizing the newest trends in design and advertising Locatory.com offers a creative and effective way to reach targeted audiences.


Locatory.com reaches 60,000 average page views with 40,000 of them being unique visitors. Our clients are based all around the globe, which gives us the opportunity to display advertisements to marketplace users based on any continent of the world and connect possible buyers with sellers. We can also adapt to the ever-changing needs of advertisers and marketplace users in order to deliver relevant ads to audiences interested in a matter.


With options to target and pinpoint specific audiences, Locatory.com can offer a cost-effective solution to advertise products and reach tens of thousands of users monthly even with limited budgets. Locatory.com also offers advertisers an extensive portfolio of tools to track and optimize campaigns with ease to reach the best possible result.


Campaign management and tracking tools offered by Locatory.com gives advertisers an option to target specific audiences and increase brand visibility globally. With most online traffic coming from the biggest and most popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex, Locatory.com offers wide possibilities of reach and advertising on the front page of the marketplace. Locatory.com hosts advertisers’ messages in front of selected audiences when they are most engaged to reach and gain an exceptional click-through rate.

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