ANA and JAL to reduce domestic flights again due to COVID-19

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According to the report of HNK on 24th, Japanese tourism and business trip sections showed a downward trend again amid the continuous spread of the COVID-19. All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Japan Airlines (JAL) decided to take measures to cut the number of domestic flights by about 40% in September.

ANA’s domestic flight plan shows the number of flights taking off and landing from Haneda, Osaka and Sapporo will be reduced in September.

A number of more than 10400 flights in total will be canceled or reduced, accounting for 45% of the total.

On the other hand, JAL’s flight plan also shows that it will suspend or reduce domestic flights by 43% in early September.

Earlier after the Japanese government declared an emergency status, ANA and JAL had grounded and reduced around 70-80% of its flights in May. Later, along with the relaxation of travel restrictions, both airlines gradually resumed flights.

However, considering the continuous increase in confirmed cases in Japan, and the utilization rate of domestic flights during the Obon Festival in mid-August is less than 40%, plus the numbers of reservation in September are still at a low level, the airlines had decided to reduce the number of flights again.

There will be one more holiday in late September, the airlines shall analyze the demand trends carefully and adjust flight plans for the future.

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