Shenzhen Airport implements intelligent human search service

Shenzhen Airport Group

The smart airport has been a common goal of all the airports all around the world in recent years. One ID, automated border control, robot assistance, and more are gradually adopted for better and smoother travel experiences.

In China, Shenzhen airport recently launched an intelligent human search service at the boarding gates. It is the first airport in China to use face biometric and AI technology to find passengers. With the technology, finding and locating passengers can be easier and more accurate, which is a great help for airlines. The service provides more precise information and support to airlines and related departments under several scenarios including flight alert, boarding calls, delay support, and security deployment.

Through the integration of system and AI technology, face cameras in Shenzhen airport, face recognition, and human feature recognition technology, passengers who have checked in but have not boarded the plane can be “captured” effectively in the airport.

In the past, the ground crew could only look for passengers through regional broadcasting and searching near the gate, which is not targeting and effective. With the new system, the ground crew can know the location of the passengers who have not yet arrived at the boarding gate in time, and can actively reach the passengers in the positioned area. Statistics had shown that through the smart search service, about 100 passengers are “found” every day, and the rate of passengers who missed the flights is significantly lower than before.

The airport said that it will further combine ONE ID, intelligent customer service, and boarding broadcast system, to provide more intimate services for passengers such as sending service notice, SMS and phone calls to passengers to urge boarding.

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