Excessive speeding: Ukrainian jet smashes road sign [Video]

737 Aviation

A road sign, informing drivers about the maximum allowed speed of 90 kilometres per hour, was struck by Ukrainian Air Force Su-27 Flanker fighter jet. The sign remained lodged into the aircraft’s air intake, while the fighter aborted the landing and returned to an airport.

The incident occurred during an improvised landing exercise on a Ukrainian highway M06 near Hungarian border on August 26, 2020. The roadway was closed and cleared of lamp posts and road signs, but a fighter jet’s approach was too short. 

As evident by the video footage and photos taken by numerous onlookers, Flanker’s left intake inlet sustained light damage, while a sign remained wrapped around it for the rest of the flight.

According to Ukrainian media, four Su-27s from the 39th Tactical Aviation Brigade were performing an exercise that day. 


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