On the way to recovery: will digitalization save airlines?

Kelly Lacy

The path leading to the industry’s recovery – amid speculation on the return of passenger demand, fleet adjustments, and airline restructurings – is guaranteed to involve multiple factors acting towards a once again stable environment. One of those mediums will inevitably be digitalization.

In the pre-pandemic market, digitalization took place at a soft but positive gradient that allowed airlines and businesses to adapt to the changes that came alongside comfortably. In today’s market, however, the pandemic has somewhat acted as a catalyst for the digital transformation, creating a steep implementation as multiple entities have sought out methods to improve efficiency while cutting expenses on balance sheets.

In some way, digitalization has been seen in the efforts of airlines funneling out older outdated aircraft for younger and more fuel-efficient generations equipped with the latest systems and configurations. That move strongly bolstered operations by ensuring effectiveness and fluidity.

A particular area where the digital transformation will play a significant role during this phase will be the relationships between airlines and passengers. Digitalization allows for improved customer experience, be that from the moment a ticket is booked to the end of passenger’s flight, or improved 24-hour monitoring capabilities for a freight operation of delicate cargo. All these factors will play a role in airlines’ survival as the industry recovers from the pandemic-induced crisis. 

A collectively shared sentiment among the industry’s leaders is that digitalization and automation will be at the heart of the industry’s ability to survive the pandemic and rebound into the new normal.

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