Japanese airlines cancel hundreds of flights due to typhoon

Anirut Thailand / Shutterstock

As typhoon Haishen passes Japanese islands, 579 flights scheduled for September 7, 2020 were cancelled by various Japanese airlines.

This includes 201 All Nippon Airways and 171 Japan Airlines flights, according to Japanese media. 557 domestic flights were already cancelled on the previous day, as the typhoon was nearing the shore. 

Most of the cancellations affect airports situated in Kyushu, Shikoku and Chugoku – western regions of Japan, in the path of Haishen. Although by the morning of September 7 the typhoon had already passed and was nearing the Korean peninsula, the situation remained too dangerous to fly.

1.8 million people were evacuated across the region, as the storm caused record-high tides, flooding and power loss in hundreds of thousands of homes. 

Haishen is the second large typhoon to hit Japan this season.

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