Pakistan clears 180 suspected pilots, opens over 50 probes

Of 262 pilots suspected of having fake licenses, 180 were qualified to fly by the Pakistani Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), while 82 were deemed as “involved in minor misconduct” in their exams. Criminal investigations into 50 of them and at least 5 officials are opened.

According to the Pakistani media, the inquiry committee of CAA submitted their findings to the government, although the report itself has not been published. 

Insider information regarding open criminal investigations was obtained by Reuters. According to their information, in addition to 50 pilots, at least 5 civil aviation officials are accused of helping with credential falsification. 

In early August 2020, Pakistan International Airlines fired 60 pilots, 28 of them over fake licenses. 262 of 860 active Pakistani pilots were said to have faked pilot exams.

Pakistan International Airlines was suspended from operating in the United States, European Union and a number of other countries following the crash of PIA flight PK8303, citing the negligence of its pilots. 


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