Iran’s overhauled Boeing 747 prepares for arms embargo lift

Mike Fuchslocher

Local Iranian engineers have overhauled an Iran Air Boeing 747 as the country plans for the lift of the US-led arms embargo.

After two months of refurbishment, the aircraft began te preparations for its flight to Dubai that is set to happen the following day, Iran’s Mehr News Agency said on September 22, 2020.

The 32-year old Boeing 747-200 (registered EP-ICD) was completely overhauled by local specialists after six years of maintenance inattention, according to the news outlet, and is considered by the government as its only cargo carrier. 

The aircraft has provided Iran with special assistance during floods, earthquakes, and the COVID-19 crisis.

The main parts of the newly refurbished aircraft were allegedly made solely by local engineers.

Reportedly, the country hopes to emerge as self-sufficient and to avoid US sanctions after the imposed arms embargo comes to an end.

Further plans of use for the 747 after its flight to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) currently remains undisclosed by the Iranian government.


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