FAA closes Harrison Ford’s case: 78-year-old actor to fly again


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) closed the investigation of an incident, in which actor Harrison Ford was piloting a small jet and wrongly crossed a runway. The American authority decided to let Ford continue flying.

A 78-year-old Star Wars actor ran into trouble in April 2020. The incident occurred when ATC told Ford to hold short on the runway at Hawthorne Airport (HHR) in California, but the actor accelerated onto the runway and began crossing it.

Fortunately, there was no danger of a crash because another aircraft was still 3,600 feet away when the actor’s plane hit the runway.

According to different sources, Ford claimed he misheard the instructions and thought he had been cleared to cross the runway instead of “holding short”.

After the actor completed a remedial runway incursion training course, the FAA decided to close the case and let the actor continue flying.

Harrison Ford has been a licensed pilot for decades and has more than 5,000 flight hours. 

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