EVA Air starts to offer a whole cabin and class for booking


Taiwanese carrier EVA Air announced the sales of diversified seating options today, in response to the epidemic situation. From now on, EVA Air will expand its seat availability, allowing passengers to buy several seats, a zone, a whole cabin, and charter flights, to provide business owners and passengers with more private and secure flying experience.

According to EVA Air, consumers are increasingly concerned about having greater separation from others when flying. More and more business travelers and corporate travelers are requesting separate seats and cabins to maintain a bigger social distance from other passengers. Therefore, it has specially released customized products for passengers to consider. The seating services are available for all operating aircraft in their fleet.

The airlines pointed out that passengers now have options of buying as many as designated seats they want around their seats to ensure that there is no one sitting nearby, as well as reserving a zone of a cabin. For example, there are two zones in the B777 business class so that passengers can book one of them.

The next level will be booking a whole cabin – business, premium economy, or economy class. A dedicated flight attendant and private lavatories are included.

For chartering service, EVA Air will operate its fleet flexibly, carrying out flights according to the customer’s desired date, type of aircraft, and purpose of the flight.

It’s not surprising airlines worldwide are trying various ways just to make more profit under the circumstances.

EVA Air is also one of the airlines continuously offering “sightseeing flights” to nowhere. It has been a great success, and the company already plans to have more of these themed flights on Halloween, Christmas, and New year.

EVA Air starts to offer various booking options for people seeking for greater social distance. (photo: Eva Air)
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