Boeing to sell more 737 MAX for Alaska Airlines?


Boeing is in talks with Alaska Airlines, a major American airline, to sell more 737 MAXs after the aircraft recertification.

While more details of negotiations among the manufacturer and the airline are not made public, the exact size of the new potential 737 MAX order is not clear yet.

According to Boeing 737 MAX order list, Alaska Airlines aimed to purchase a total of 32 aircraft in 2012. However, none of the jets were delivered since that time due to two fatal Boeing 737 MAX aircraft crashes in 2018 and in 2019, after which the aircraft was grounded.

If negotiations succeeded, a new order of the Boeing 737 MAX by Alaska Airlines would potentially give the manufacturer a notable boost in the company’s finances. If the agreement on a new order would be reached, it is likely that Boeing would grant the airline a significant discount, reported Reuters.

While the authorities worldwide continue working on the 737 MAX recertification process, discussions among other airlines should help Boeing to stimulate a future demand for the grounded jet when it is allowed to return to the skies. The manufacturer is also in talks with Ryanair, the Irish budget airline, over the compensation for delays in MAX deliveries as well as the potential new deal.

Boeing hopes to return the 737 MAX to service and resume the jet deliveries by the end of 2020.



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