Russia to set up new airline

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The new regional airline, called Taiga, is going to be set up by reorganizing several existing Russian airlines and consolidating all Russian Far East air services under one company.

“The regions of Russian Far East have agreed on the organizational and legal form of the united air carrier company – The Union of Regional Carriers. All carriers, belonging to the union, will fly under a single brand – Taiga. A map of destinations is already confirmed, and we are preparing to sign the main agreement,” a press release by the government of Sakhalin region states.

Taiga is going to serve over 500 destinations deemed socially important. According to Sakhalin media, the new company is going to be created by renaming helicopter company Aviashelf, which sunk into debt after losing its primary customer Gazprom. Fleets of other regional carriers, presumably, are going to be transitioned to it later.

In 2013, the name Taiga was selected for a new Far East subsidiary of Aeroflot, later renamed Aurora. Currently Aurora conducts heavily subsidized flights to socially important destinations, using Airbus A319, Bombardier Dash 8 and de Havilland Canada DHC-6 aircraft. It is unclear if it is going to be merged with Taiga or the consolidation will stop short of removing one of Aeroflot’s subsidiaries. 

One of features of Taiga, according to Russian media, is a focus on expanding its fleet with Russian-made aircraft, such as the upcoming Ilyushin Il-114-300 turboprop. But, according to news site, at least one newly built DHC-6-400 with Taiga livery was already spotted in Canada in early October 2020, before the new airline was even announced. It is possible that the aircraft was initially ordered for Aviashelf.





“TAIGA” Turkish meaning Coniferous Forest. • • Earlier this afternoon as I was out and about, my mobile radio receiver picked up a familiar callsign who’s request was a full stop into Victoria. • Pictured before you is MSN 986 arriving on runway 09 from Abbotsford and prior Chilliwack. 986 left Victoria 3.5 weeks ago for Chilliwack completely unpainted wearing the bare chromium primer; a sign she would later be painted. Having completed the painting stage, we see her again wearing a stunning livery, a design that I have NEVER seen before. • Before I begin, The following information is answered to the best of my knowledge. For those curious (and I’m sure most of you are) she will be delivered to “Taiga Air” of Russia (hence the russian flag to the left of the registration) “Taiga Air” is a 2020 Startup Airline who’s name commemorates the “Taiga” Forests of Northern Europe and Northern Canada, which has a total territory that includes one half the worlds entire evergreen forests. Her special off white general look has been accompanied by rolling hills and step mountains featuring an array of vibrancy. The Sun can be seen popping up over those mountains with rays beaming. An scheme in which I think resembles the true Taiga forest perfectly for where this aircraft will operate. • Further Interior work and testing will be carried out into the coming weeks before her delivery. I sure am hoping to catch more action from this bird so stay tuned. • Repost Not Permitted • • #jetbrenpics #brendenandhistwinotters #aviationphotography #yyjspotters #dehavilland #dehavillandtwinotter #dehavillandlovers #vikingairlimited #vikingair #dhc #dhc6 #dhc6400 #twinotter #series400 #twinotterspotter #twinotter400 #royalthaipolice #twinotterfans #twinotterlovers #twinottercrew

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