Aviation recovery in Brazil


Brazil, like Mexico, was one of the first countries to open up its airspace in South America. The state has increased capacity with its three leading carriers LATAM, GOL, and Azul (AZUL). Nevertheless, there is still a lot to do in order to reach 100% of recovery. Let’s find out the statistics of the Brazilian aviation amid COVID-19.

Number of passengers flown

Currently Brazil has 5.2 million total cases of COVID-19, it is the third most infected country in the world only after US and India. Just like Mexico Brazil is among the countries that have no entry restrictions at all. These are positive news for aviation; however, it could prove to be a hindrance when it comes to control of the pandemic.

So far in 2020, Brazil had 60.79 million passengers travel between months of January and August. The statistics display a 56.58% decrease in comparison with the first eight months of 2019.

The number one airline right now is Linhas Aereas, with 20.30 million passengers in 2020. Despite its Chapter 11 reorganization, LATAM Brazil has had 19.68 million passengers so far. The last place belongs to Azul (AZUL) which has transported 16.82 million passengers in 2020.

Brazil has continued its strong connection with TAP Portugal, which is the fourth-largest carrier in Brazil in 2020 by paid passengers. TAP has transported 403,173 passengers this year.

Airline recovery

There is no doubt that Azul Linhas Aereas is having the best recovery among the three leading Brazilian airlines. Approximately it is flying 55% pre-COVID capacity in October.

Another airline is GOL, operating 95% of the destinations before the pandemic in Rio. In September GOL operated an average of 270 flights per day while also reclaiming its position at Galeao International Airport in Rio de Janeiro.

All in all, aviation market in Brazil exhibits positive signs, with recovery depending on the development and containment of the pandemic.

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