The destiny of Icelandair’s 787


About Icelandair

Icelandair began its operations in 1937 and is the national carrier of Iceland. The fleet of Icelandair consists of 35 aircraft and has further 14 on order. The business model of this airline focuses on passenger’s carriage from the US to Europe and vice versa via a stop in Iceland. The purpose of this is to give the opportunity for travelers to spend a few days in Iceland.


Icelandair is known for being Boeing-only type of airline. It has 737 MAX, 757, 767s in the fleet. In the mid of 2000s, Icelandair ordered the Dreamliner and later increased that order before abandoning its plans.

The history of 787

The first order was in February of 2005 when Icelandair initially ordered two 787-8s. In 2006 the order grew by 2 more Dreamliners.

As the Hannes Smarason, the chairman of the Flugleidir Icelandair Group, commented about the order:

“The 787 Dreamliner’s unprecedented efficiency, economics, range and passenger comfort are ideally suited for our operations and our commitment to providing superior service to our passengers.”

It was said to press that with 787 Icelandair is going to expand in North America and elsewhere. The first aircraft had to arrive in 2010. However, the first Boeing 787 entered service with launch customer ANA in 2011.

It looks like Icelandair’s 787 is no more that important. The airline sold off orders for three of the planes to Norwegian, and Boeing no longer lists Icelandair as a 787 customer.

The future of Dreamliner?

All this might have happened due to delays of 787-8. Nevertheless, there is still a chance that Icelandair will replace its four 767-300ERs. Whether it is going to happen, only time will tell.

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