Unique livery retired BA Boeing 747 jumbo to become cinema

John Taggart, Wikimedia Commons

A retired British Airways (BA) Boeing 747 jumbo jet could be given a second life – British Airways announced that one of the Queens of the Skies, registered as G-CIVB, would be converted into a private hire venue for business purposes as well as a unique cinema.

The BA Boeing 747-400 jumbo, painted in its heritage Negus livery, would be rearranged partly into a cinema as well as into a private rental place and be placed permanently at Cotswold Airport (GBA) in England. The G-CIVB was one out of four jumbo jets painted in this extraordinary livery, which should make the visitor experience even more breathtaking. This iconic Boeing 747 aircraft also was one of the final two British Airways jumbos which made the very last take-off in the symbolic farewell flight at Heathrow Airport (LHR) on October 8, 2020.

Suzannah Harvey, the CEO of Cotswold Airport (GBA), announced that the airport would take care of the retired jumbo and transform its interior into a “unique business, conferencing and private hire venture”. The CEO also said that the iconic jet would become an attractive cinema for locals as well as an educational facility for students.

“It is great news for locals and visitors who will be able to see and experience one of the most iconic passenger aircraft of its time“, said Harvey. The CEO of Cotswold Airport added that a major part of the money raised from events that would happen on board the G-CIVB would support the airport‘s aviation-related scholarship program for students.

Sean Doyle, the CEO of BA, expressed a great sadness about the retirement of the iconic jumbo and outlined the uniqueness of the retired jet: “It was with great sadness that we retired our two final 747s based at Heathrow earlier this month, so we’re glad Cotswold Airport is able to give one of these aircraft a new home and a new lease of life“.

Earlier in October 2020, BA announced that several other Boeing 747-400s would face a sadder fate than their kinsman, the iconically painted G-CIVB – they would be scrapped. As there is currently no other Being 747 on display at any aviation-related museum in the United Kingdom, the G-CIVB would be an exclusive jet for future generations to admire.

Cotswold Airport announced that even so there has not been set the exact opening date, the British Airways Queen of the skies would be open to the public in spring 2021.

The early retirement of British Airways Boeing 747 fleet was brought forward due to the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the airline.

To especially perpetuate the final farewell of its two last Boeing 747 aircraft, BA planned to hold a synchronized dual take off on parallel Heathrow airport runways. The rare moment should have marked the end of the 50 years period during which BA was operating from London Heathrow flights with Boeing 747 fleet.

The dual take-off should have become a symbol of incidentally completed synchronized landings on the dual runways made by two BA’s jumbo jets during the delivery in the summer of 1989.

Unfortunately, cloudy and rainy weather conditions hindered the implementation of the symbolic idea.



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