Is Halloween cancelled this year?

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The pandemic altered the way we celebrate. Every year US airlines would dress to impress the travelers with Halloween themed decorations and staff parties. This year the holiday might look a little different.

Airlines and Halloween

In the United States, Southwest and American airlines have had a long history of Halloween celebration. In the 1970s, Southwest workers began dressing up for the holiday. Later on, more events, contests and family activities were added and continued till this year. 

The company was proud to show their CEO Gary Kelly dressing up every year. In the past years the airline posted videos of Kelly’s transformation on social media. 


Southwest passengers were invited to celebrate too. Decorated boarding gates and ticket counters, dressed up aircraft crew and free drinks on board. 

American Airlines (A1G) (AAL) started celebrating Halloween in 2013. Chief Executive Officer Doug Parker initiated the annual celebration that included costumes, parties and employees’ children trick-or-treating. 

This year, due to the pandemic both airlines announced cancellation of the annual Halloween celebration. For Southwest it is the first time dropping the party since 2001, when terrorist attacks hit the US. 

With the airlines industry plummeting down and thousands of job cuts, organising parties is the last thing on companies’ minds. It is not a very celebratory time either – Southwest Airlines (LUV) had about 61,000 employees in June but at least 4,200 agreed to leave. 12,500 more took long-term leaves of absence.

Celebrate Halloween Moon

Even if big gatherings and parties are not happening, there are still ways to celebrate. According to NASA’s National Space Science Data Center on the night of October 31, 2020, a full blue Moon, also called Halloween Moon, will be visible. It is the first occasion of a blue Moon in the Americas since 2018 and the first time it will appear for all time zones since 1944.

The term blue Moon does not mean we will see it in blue color. This Halloween we will probably see it in it’s usual greyish color. However, it has appeared blue in the past due to smoke and dust particles in the atmosphere.

You probably heard the phrase “once in a blue Moon”, which is used to describe something rare and unusual. Do not miss this year’s Halloween moon as the next one will take place in August 2023. 

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