Denmark launches startup airline Airseven

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While some airlines are struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic, Denmark establishes a new charter airline. With a fleet of two Boeing 737-400s, Airseven is ready to start charter flights at the end of 2020. 

The airline was established in a collaboration among Primo Tours, a Danish tour operator, Copenhagen AirTaxi and the former Jet Time director Klaus Ren. 

Airseven will fly charter contracts and lease planes to individual flights instead of establishing scheduled routes. It will be a so-called virtual airline outsourcing most of its functions.

Copenhagen AirTaxi will operate Airseven’s aircraft. The fleet is planned to consist of two Boeing 737-400s with 168 seats in each. According to, the planes, registered as OY-ASA and OY-ASB, date from 1990 and 1992. The aircraft should reach the base in Copenhagen Airport (CPH) by the end of 2020. Currently they are being repainted in the UK. 

Director of Airseven Klaus Ren says the company is in the process of recruiting staff to the administrative part of the organization and will proceed to hiring airline staff. Airseven will create 100 aviation jobs in the near future, 50 direct and 50 indirect. Its head office is located at Roskilde Airport (RKE). 

While most of the airlines are suffering from financial losses, smaller airlines might have an advantage. In the next few months charter routes could become more popular due to border restrictions and on-going lockdowns across Europe. 

“It may be a special time – here in a tumultuous Corona time – to start up a new airline, but we believe that there is room for a smaller and not least flexible airline,” says Primo Tours CEO Bjarke Hansen.

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