China Airlines’ new livery revealed after the renaming dispute

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At the beginning of the year, China Airlines, the flag carrier of Taiwan, helped the government to transport numerous amounts of locally-made medical masks to support countries worldwide amid the pandemic. However, because of the large CHINA AIRLINES logo on the airframe, it was often mistaken for an airline from mainland China by the public, which brought up the dispute again over the company’s name change. Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan passed a referendum on the name change of China Airlines and the passports in July this year, demanding the strengthening of Taiwan’s recognition.

Since the airlines’ name change involves more than just painting, but also commercial aviation rights in the agreement signed earlier, the Legislative Yuan ordered the Ministry of Transportation and Communications to work on the design under the condition not affecting aviation rights first, while preparing a long-term plan for the name change.

On the 24th, a photographer Jordan Arens posted a photo of one China Airlines’ B777-F cargo with a new livery made on the JETPHOTOS website. The words “CHINA AIRLINES” on the fuselage are significantly smaller than the current models and moved to the body’s rear part.

Jordan Arens | JETPHOTOS (

“China Airlines has purchased seven 777s, and now they are undergoing flight test. Regarding the painting, there is a space reserved to add images representing Taiwan. Currently, the font size is reduced as the first step, and China Airlines will officially explain to the public when the full painting design is completed,” said the Minister of Transportation and Communications Department of Taiwan in a media interview.

China Airlines is Taiwan’s largest carrier operating 82 aircraft in its fleet. It is founded in Taiwan in 1959 and flies out of Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport, servicing 160 destinations in 29 countries.

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