EASA to collect aircraft noise level data in single database


The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) launched a new database as a central single source for collecting data of aircraft noise provided by the air carriers across Europe.

On December 15, 2020, the EASA launched the Aircraft Noise Certificate or Equivalent Noise Documentation (ANC) database, where the aircraft operators will provide the necessary information about the noise levels. The collected data will be available to airports, air navigation service providers, and other European authorities for operational purposes.

The new single database was created with an aim to ensure that all European aviation parties would use the same collected information while monitoring the aircraft noise levels or other requirements at EU airports. The collected information will be available on the EASA Environmental Portal. The parties which would express the interest to gain access to the database would need to register to the system. 

“The regulation applies to civil fixed-wing aircraft with a maximum certificated take-off mass of 34 000 kg or more, or with a certificated maximum internal accommodation for the aircraft type in question consisting of 19 passenger seats or more, excluding any seats for crew only,” reads the EASA statement.

The aircraft noise data in the database should contain the plane‘s registration mark as well as its nationality. The air carriers should also provide the aircraft noise documentation with the associated maximum take-off weight and other information about any made modifications which could have an impact on the noise performance of the particular plane.


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