Aeroflot designates special seating for maskless passengers


On December 15, 2020, Aeroflot’s spokesperson announced that the airline would designate a special seating area for passengers who refuse to wear a mask after the aircraft doors are closed and the aircraft is ready for take-off.

“Dedicated seats are allocated to passengers who declare their refusal to use masks after (the aircraft) doors close,” Aeroflot spokesperson Yulia Spivakova told reporters.

According to an alleged Aeroflot document, obtained by the independent news agency Baza, the quarantine zone for maskless passengers would appear in Aeroflot economy class. Aeroflot would designate the last two rows of seats at the back of the airplane. The rule would also apply to business class passengers who refuse to abide by the regulations.

Reports of the airline’s idea to designate special seating for maskless passengers come two days after Aeroflot expressed strong stance against maskless passengers. In the statement on December 14, 2020, Aeroflot announced it would deny boarding to passengers who refuse to wear a protective face covering, including those with medical exemptions.

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