As this is a personal view I should disclose my personal prejudices. I’m on iOS and Androind and have roughly 32 aviation apps installed and roughly 110 apps in my account that I installed and later deleted.”

ForeFlight yearly subscriptions range from $74.99 to $149.99 a year) – This is the only EFB Smith said he can speak authoritatively about. “It was the first blockbuster iPhone/iPad app and it’s incredibly good, with the attention to detail in design and the user experience is great,” he said. “I trust it with my life pretty much every time I fly, and can pay no higher compliment than that.” Smith also mentioned WingX, Garmin Pilot, AOPA FlyQ, Jeppesen FliteDeck, Bendix King MyWingman, FltPlan Go, Avare, and AvPlan EFB.

As this is a personal view I should disclose my personal prejudices. I’m on iOS and have roughly 25 aviation apps installed and roughly 150 apps in my account that I installed and later deleted.”

BAK Calculator Just $14.99 (one time purchase) no yearly subscription, no ads and no special permissions required! BAK Calculator is a must to have and its an all in one tool for everyone in this field, BAK Calculator is the most comprehensive suite of tools for Android designed specifically for general aviation and corporate pilots.BAK Calculator powerful capabilities providing pilots, flight engineers, and aviation students with the most comprehensive aviation information to make better-informed flight decisions and to solve critical numerical problems related to their field. Googole playstore direct link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bakflight.calculator

Gyronimo (approximately $15 in iTunes) – this series of iPad apps comprise “pilot’s operating handbook for the twenty-first century,” covering helicopters and a range of common fixed-wing aircraft.

Xavion ($99.99 in iTunes) – This iPhone/iPad is used as a glass cockpit and a copilot. “The emergency runway finder is the most interesting feature; it genuinely feels like a step into the future of aviation,”.

Pocket Horizon Pro ($8.99 in iTunes) – For $8.99, Smith said it might save his life one day, admitting that there is some controversy about horizon apps. “This one combines GPS data with the internal gyros. I’ve tested it under the hood and feel it’s good enough,” he said. The app is optimized for the iPhone 5, but can be used on the iPad.

Nav Trainer Pro ($4.99 in iTunes and Google Play) – This one is especially recommended for someone training for his or her instrument rating. It helps your understanding of the different navaids, providing a visualization of how they work. It’s best on smartphones, but can be used on tablets.

AOPA Magazines (free in iTunes, but must be a member and digital magazine subscriber) – “I’m finishing with a shameless plug for our own wonderful magazines,” said Smith. “And this is a reminder that it’s possible to carry a whole library of books and magazines on your portable device.” It’s best on the iPad, but can be used on the iPhone.

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