Santa’s glider suffers bizarre incident in California

CHP North Sacramento

The sky gliding with a hang glider-like aircraft for a Santa Claus impersonator was supposed to be a fun way to spread the joy and spirit of the upcoming Christmas, but it turned out into a bizarre pre-festal incident instead.

The firefighter team of California Highway Patrol of North Sacramento received an unusual call to rescue Santa Claus glider-like aircraft which wound up tangled in power lines after an unlucky attempt to glide over Rio Linda, California. According to the FAA, the incident happened after the aircraft lost power on takeoff on December 20, 2020.

The Santa Claus-dressed pilot explained to the officials that he was trying to deliver candy canes to local children when his light small motor-powered vehicle with a parachute tangled up in the lines, reported local media. Fortunately, the pilot of the air vehicle, registered as N65733, managed to save its Christmas freight and avoid any injuries. However, it seems that Santa Claus impersonator might need to get a new parachute for his glider-like aircraft as the old one suffered apparent minor damage.

The Santa’s vehicle was stuck in a dangerous position as there was a high possibility of it to fall on the sidewalk, the rescue team told the media. Only restraints prevented Santa from the injury and likely saved not only Santa’s life but the whole Christmas as well. During Santa’s rescue operation, the electrical power supply was temporarily shut off and the vehicle was successfully untangled out of the lines.

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