Trump’s presidential departure on flight to Scotland?

Wikimedia Commons / Sam Meyer

As the inauguration of newly-elected president Joe Biden approaches, Donald Trump might be planning a runaway flight to Scotland on the official US aircraft. 

Glasgow Prestwick airport has been told to expect the arrival of a US military Boeing 757 aircraft on January 19, 2021, reported the Sunday Post. The aircraft, while smaller than the usual Boeing 747-200Bs designated as Air Force One, is also occasionally used by the US officials 

Aircraft used by the US President and Vice-President are given a special sign to land in airports, thus avoiding waiting in the air traffic. Every plane president Trump flies in has a special call sign, including the Boeing 757 that has a sign Tyson 1. Such presidential flights are booked in advance, due to the amount of work that has to be done in preparation. 

“There is a booking for an American military version of the Boeing 757 on January 19, the day before the inauguration. That’s one that’s normally used by the Vice-President but often used by the First Lady. Presidential flights tend to get booked far in advance, because of the work that has to be done around it,” a source at Prestwick airport told the Sunday Post. 

Trump has not yet commented on his plans for the inauguration. “When President Trump has an announcement about his plans for Jan. 20 he will let you know,” White House spokesperson Judd Deere told the Independent.

Air Force One is one of the most recognizable features of the US presidency. On August 23, 1990, the United States Air Force received the first out of two new Air Force One aircraft – a modified Boeing 747-200B. Currently, the US Air Force is developing contracts for a supersonic Air Force One prototype that could come out as early as 2025. 


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