Aerostan Boeing 747 suffers in-flight engine stall and shutdown

John Lindsay-Smith /

An Aerostan Boeing 747 was forced to return to Karachi International Airport (KHI), Pakistan, after suffering an engine stall and shutdown while climbing.

The incident occurred on January 27, 2021. Aerostan Boeing 747-200, registered as EX-47001, was performing a regular scheduled flight from Karachi International Airport, Pakistan, to Cairo International Airport (CAI), Egypt. 

According to data, after receiving permission to climb, the flight crew requested descent, alerting that the aircraft had suffered an outboard right-hand engine stall and shutdown. Before returning to Karachi airport, the flight crew requested to dump fuel as the aircraft was too heavy to land immediately. 

According to the flight record found on, the Boeing 747 continued to burn fuel while flying over the city of Karachi for up to 45 minutes. The data also showed that the aircraft landed at 11:53 p.m (UTC) ‒ nearly almost an hour after the take-off. 

No injuries or additional damages to the plane were reported.


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