Ukraine to ban Russian and Syrian airlines that operate in Crimea

The government of Ukraine approved a draft resolution to ban flights over its territory for 13 Russian regional airlines and Syria’s Cham Wing Airlines for a period of three years on January 27, 2021. 

“Despite the fact that since March 28, 2014, and until now, a ban on the use of the airspace of Ukraine has been permanently established over the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea, some air carriers violate this procedure,” the Minister of Infrastructure, Vladislav Kryklyi, said in a statement. 

A draft resolution, which was approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure, forbids the transit of resources, flights and transportation by 13 Russian regional airlines and Syrian Cham Wing Airlines due to “systematic violations within the prohibited zone over the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea”.

“We propose to accept proposals on the application of new sanctions with a total ban on flights over Ukraine to 13 air carriers of the Russian Federation, violating the procedure for using the airspace of Ukraine,” read a statement by the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure. 

Ukraine’s council of national security must grant final approval of the resolution in order for the airline bans to come into force.

Many Russian politicians, businesses and bigger Russian airlines have been sanctioned after Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula. Aeroflot and Transaero have been banned from entering Ukrainian airspace since 2015.


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