Turkey rolls out mockup of unmanned electric attack helicopter


Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) revealed a mockup of the TUSAŞ T-629 unmanned electric attack helicopter with a characteristic rave color pallet.

The model was rolled out during the delivery ceremony of TAI T129 helicopters to the Turkish police. 

The T-629 is planned to have manned and unmanned versions. The piloted one was presented in June 2020. The mockup reveal was the first appearance of the pilotless variant.

The aircraft is said to share most of its features with the upcoming T-625 utility helicopter and inherit weapons systems from the T129, the main attack helicopter of the Turkish armed forces. 

The mockup of the T-629 did not have any armament attached, except for a model of M197 three-barrel 20 mm cannon in the nose turret. 

The nose section of the aircraft was dotted with six protrusions housing what could be identified as commercially-sold action cameras and a targeting pod similar to one seen on many TAI’s unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). 

No information in regards to the nature of the aircraft electric propulsion system, or a timeline of its production, was revealed in the presentation.

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