United Airlines orders 25 Boeing 737 MAX and moves up deliveries

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United Airlines signed up for additional 25 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft and asked Boeing to move up the timeline of its order orders. Furthermore, thehe airline will receive 45 MAX jets ahead of schedule.

United Airlines placed its newest order on February 26, 2021, as revealed in the airline’s Q4 2020 results in Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing, published on March 1, 2021.

The company indicated that the 25 aircraft would be delivered throughout 2023. Additionally, the Chicago-based carrier accelerated the deliveries of 45 aircraft that were already on order. Now, Boeing will ship 40 737 MAXs to United Airlines in 2022 and five in 2023. In total, the airline has 188 firm commitments of the aircraft type.

Previous quarter result filing with the SEC, dated October 15, 2020, indicated that United Airlines had no intention to take any 737 MAX aircraft in 2022. The company anticipated that Boeing would deliver 16 aircraft of the type in Q4 2020, 24 in 2021, and the rest of the order (131 aircraft) would be fulfilled after 2022.

Now, the order book was reshuffled: there are 21 scheduled deliveries of the 737 MAX in 2021, 40 in 2022, and the remaining 127 would be concluded after 2022.

Since the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ungrounded the Boeing 737 MAX in November 2020, allowing the aircraft to once again operate commercial flights, United Airlines has taken delivery of 16 aircraft of the type. All of the aircraft were produced prior to the FAAs ungrounding order, planespotters.net data shows.


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