A 24-year-old resident of the United States might be sent to jail and get a possible $250,000 fine for unruly behavior onboard the Alaska Airlines flight.

The resident of Colorado state was accused of disrupting the Alaska Airlines flight. The incident occurred on the regular Alaska Airlines route from Seattle (SEA) to Denver (DEN) on March 9, 2021. During the flight, a passenger informed the cabin crew about the man urinating in his seat. The conflict appeared when the flight attendant repeatedly asked the reportedly drunk passenger to put his mask on, as it is required by the Federal Aviation Administration, but the passenger rejected the flight attendant’s request.  

For the first time, Alaska Airlines deployed a Boeing 737 MAX 9 from its base in Seattle to airports in California.

The unruly passenger was accused of standing up and urinating the cabin while interfering with the crew. After the plane landed at DEN airport, the passenger was arrested by the FBI. The man told the police that he had several beers and shots before the flight, but after the boarding, he fell asleep on the jet and woke up being yelled at by the cabin crew to stop urinating. The man claimed to have no recollection of hitting the flight attendant. 

A pseud-air traffic controller was arrested in Germany after multiple illegal radio contacts with passenger and cargo aircraft crew.  

The U.S. District Court in Denver released the man on a $10,000 bond, meanwhile, the next court appearance was scheduled for March 26, 2021. For the disturbance during the flight and interfering with cabin crew the unruly passenger may face a maximum term of 20 years in jail and a possible fine of $250,000.