New player in wide-body market? Meet SE200: new green jet

The US-based startup company SE Aeronautics launched a new generation wide-body aircraft concept. The design of a new monocoque molded plane design is expected to lower fuel consumption by 70% and cut carbon emissions by 80%. Meanwhile, the new SE200 commercial wide-body aircraft is expected to be capable of carrying up to 264 passengers on board with a non-stop range of 10,560 miles. 

The company claims that an innovative design of the SE200 jet is more efficient as its light-tri wing configuration significantly improves lift over drag as well as enhances its short take-off and landing (STOL) capabilities. The construction of the wide-body jet is all composited and molded in one tough piece while it incorporates super thin long wings.

“We live in the era where COVID-19 and other airborne disease safety must be at the forefront of any manufacturer’s design process. This is why SE Aeronautics developed a new “once-through” air feed ventilation system that never recirculates air in the cabin, dramatically reducing the risk of exposure from other infected passengers. This, coupled with their new “tilting” seat design, creates a comfortable experience that economy passengers have yet to experience,” the manufacturer announced.

The new design is also expected to double the lifespan of the jet while reducing overall block hour cost by half in comparison to other aircraft such as Boeing 787 or Airbus A330neo Family aircraft.  In order to ensure and enhance safety, the design is made of one solid-molded piece of the jet fuselage while fuel is stored in self-sealing bladders on top of the fuselage instead of the jet wings. The manufacturer also outlined that in case of emergency landing over water, the new generation aircraft floats.

“This aircraft will be the most practical, profitable, and permanent solution to the grossly underperforming airliner technology of today. Our manufacturing efficiency will allow us to produce our aircraft in significantly less time than the current traditional method. But the jewel in the crown is really our ability to get that fuel consumption rate down by 70%. We are going to revolutionize the industry,” Tyler Mathews, the CEO of SE Aeronautics, was quoted in the company‘s statement.


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