17-year-old joins aviation industry by lucky chance, remains despite challenges

By Edvinas Andrijevskis
Student & Aviation worker

My story starts just as any other story of an aviation industry worker, but with a small twist. I started my journey in an international aviation group when I was in 11th grade or 17 years old to be exact. Next year I’ll have my final exams and how am I going to manage to do both?

After more than a year of successful employment and great grades at school, I can say that managing it is as easy as it could be. But let’s go to the beginning where it all started.

Being only 15 years old I saw an Emirates Boeing 777-300ER for the first time. The sight was incredible. A minimalistic livery applied on a such gigantic and marvellous piece of machinery made something inside of me click. From that point on I knew that one day I will be involved in this bright, vital, and amazing industry that is called aviation. Just 1.5 years later I would find myself volunteering in an online publication, writing articles about aviation industry news and forecasts. Working in a multi-cultural team spread out across the whole globe made me understand how great and connecting the industry can be. After more than a year of volunteering the biggest break in my career would come. Having had some experienced in writing my friend working at an MRO [company] suggested me to submit my CV for a copywriter’s position at a parent company of the MRO.

To be honest, I didn’t think much of it: what if by some chance I’d be hired? And then the miracle happened, I forgot to put my birthdate in my CV. Just by this small accident and many others to follow I was on my way to my first ever real job interview ever. After a lengthy period of waiting, I was invited for a second interview where I found out I was being hired. I don’t think anyone could imagine how happy I was to join a global aviation organisation at the age of 17 while studying at school.

And then the C OV ID hit. I was lost, everything I’d previously done like traveling to school and later going to work was no more. My whole life began to revolve around my computer and I was in my room all day. It was hard and I won’t hide it, but I knew exciting things were to come after the pandemic was over. I finished my school year with good grades and began enjoying summer benefits as much as I could. I flew from Vilnius to Palanga on a scheduled route (the flight was only 30 minutes, but I once again got that amazing feeling of aircraft taking off from the runway). I visited MRO hangars to see how operations are carried out and I even got to unscrew a piece from an aircraft that was about to be scrapped. It was a truly amazing and exciting summer.

And just like that my 12th grade started. Everyone again said it will be hard to study for the exams and work at the same time. At first, I didn’t believe them, and I don’t till this day. Having found a great balance between work, life and sc ho ol I knew my journey in aviation was only continuing. After I finish high-school I will definitely stay in the aviation industry as I can’t think of any other sector that is as dynamic as aviation is. Learning the small things about aviation has made me even more curious about what’s next to come and I’m not afraid to call aviation my second home. From the first day of work up until this day I have never doubted my decision. Being a part of a multi-cultural team, writing pieces to announce our company’s growth, and getting valuable work experience has been the best decision of my life. From the first look working and studying may look hard but for me just the thought of living in an aviation family is what makes this task more than easy.

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