Royal Navy Hawk trainer jet crashes, two pilots eject

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A Hawk trainer jet of the British Royal Navy crashed near Helston in Cornwall, southwestern England. Both pilots ejected and were taken to a hospital. Their injuries were reported as “not life-threatening.”

An investigation was launched by the British Ministry of Defence to determine the reasons for the crash.

The aircraft, a BAe Systems Hawk T1A registered XX189, belonged to the 736 Naval Air Squadron, based at the Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose, about 16 kilometers (10 miles) from the crash site. The 736 is an aggressor squadron used to simulate enemy fighter jets. The two pilots were taking part in an exercise, colloquially known as the Thursday War, organized by the Fleet Operational Sea Training (FOST).

The 736 Naval Air Squadron is to disband on September 30, 2021. It will be replaced in its role by the No. 100 Squadron of the Royal Air Force. 

Designed to provide the RAF with an advanced training and marksmanship aircraft, the BAe Hawk entered service in 1976. On March 22, 2021, the Defense Ministry announced that the Hawk T1 would be retired, without specifying the date. The RAF should continue to operate its fleet of 28 Hawk T2.

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