Israel reveals Oron, new spy aircraft

Israeli Air Force

Israeli Air Force has presented a new intelligence gathering aircraft focused on long-range surveillance.

The first Oron arrived in Israel in March 2021 and was unveiled to the public on April 4, Israeli media reports.

A heavily modified Gulfstream G550 business jet is intended to supplement an array of existing intelligence and early warning platforms of the Israeli Air Force, all based on the same airframe.

According to Israeli Air Force chief Amikam Norkin, the Oron will strengthen the Air force’s ability to operate in “second and third tiers”, meaning countries that do not have a direct border with Israel – such as Yemen or Iran.

The aircraft is said to be equipped with a large array of all-weather sensors and data collection equipment. It is going to be operated by the Israeli Air Force’s 122nd Squadron which is tasked with airborne early warning and intelligence gathering.

It was not revealed how many Orons are purchased by Israel, or when other aircraft of this type will be delivered. 


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