Southwest to recall all flight attendants from voluntary leave

Carlos E. Santa Maria / Shutterstock

On April 8, 2021, Southwest Airlines (LUV) said it was preparing to recall all  flight attendants from extended voluntary leave to support its summer season calendar. The decision came as Southwest expected demand for air travel to grow this summer.

“To support the upcoming summer schedule, Southwest intends to recall all flight attendants participating in the airline’s voluntary extended time-off program,” a Southwest spokesperson told AeroTime News. “The flight increases are based upon the improvements in leisure travel demand which the airline recently reported.”

Beginning June 1, 2021, more than 2,700 flight attendants, who had agreed to take part in an extended voluntary furlough program, would be returning to work. Recalled flight attendants who took part in a voluntary leave program were granted 50% of their salary, including health insurance.

Earlier in April 2021, the Dallas-based carrier said it would also recall 209 pilots from a similar voluntary time-off program. Recalled pilots would complete mandatory requalification training requirements prior to taking off to the skies. “The recalled pilots will return to active status on June 1, 2021,” Southwest spokesperson said. 



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