Airbus overshadows Boeing with deliveries in Q1 2021

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The latest figures show that regarding aircraft deliveries, Airbus ended the first quarter of 2021 better than Boeing. The European aircraft manufacturer registered a total of 125 aircraft deliveries, while the US aircraft maker reported 77 commercial aircraft deliveries in the quarter that ended on March 31, 2021.

Airbus A320 Family aircraft accounted for the largest part of overall deliveries, as the manufacturer delivered 57 Airbus A320neo aircraft. 20 of them were handed to the Chinese market: seven to Air China, seven to China Eastern Airlines (CIAH) (CEA), three to Shenzhen Airlines, two to China Southern Airlines (ZNH) and one to Sichuan Airlines. 

Other Airbus’ deliveries constituted of 38 Airbus A321neo, nine Airbus A350-900s, eight A321ceos, six A220-300s, three A220-100s, one A319ceo, one A219neo, one A330 and one A350-1000 aircraft.

Looking at Boeing’s first quarter, the 737 MAX deliveries accounted for approximately 80% of its overall deliveries. The American aircraft manufacturer delivered 58 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft as well as six Boeing 777s, five Boeing 737s, five Boeing 767s, two 787s and one Boeing 747 aircraft. Most of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft were handed to the North American market: 12 to Southwest Airlines (LUV), eight to United Airlines and seven to American Airlines (A1G) (AAL). 

The return of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft boosted Boeing deliveries and orders, as the aircraft manufacturer recently announced that Southwest Airlines (LUV) ordered 100 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, including 155 options, for a total of 255 potential new aircraft destined to the airline.

However, while the integration of the 737 MAX after 20-month grounding seems successful, Boeing reported a new potential electrical system issue on the specific group of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, which led several airlines to remove almost half of its 737 MAX fleet. 

“Boeing notified us of a potential production issue with a component in the electrical power system on 17 of our most recently delivered Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. At Boeing’s direction, we have temporarily removed these 17 aircraft from service,” an American Airlines (A1G) (AAL) spokesperson told AeroTime News on April 12, 2021. “We have 24 other 737 MAX aircraft in our fleet that are not affected by this issue as they were produced and delivered prior to the ungrounding.”


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