Belavia Boeing 737 jet diverts to Russia due to fuel leak

A Belavia Boeing 737 aircraft diverted to Krasnodar, Russia, due to a suspected fuel leak. The incident occurred en route from Hurghada, Egypt, to Minsk, Belarus on June 1, 2021.

The Belavia Boeing 737-800, registered as EW-526PA, was operating flight B2-8284. According to the data, the jet took off from Hurghada International Airport (HRG) at 8.18 p.m. (UTC) and was supposed to land at Minsk National Airport (MSQ), but the flight crew noticed the in-flight irregularity and the plane urgently changed its route.

After entering the airspace of Russia at FL380, at a northern part of Krasnodar, the pilots declared an emergency and informed the dispatcher about the suspected fuel leak. The flight crew was suggested to interrupt the flight and proceed to Krasnodar International Airport (KRR). The plane, carrying 180 passengers onboard, diverted to Krasnodar. 20 minutes after declaring the emergency signal PAN-PAN, the plane safely landed on runway 23L without any further incidents.

The 15.6-year-old aircraft was replaced by another Belavia Boeing 737 jet, registered as EW-438PA. The aircraft proceeded to the final destination at Minsk where the flight landed after a more than 8-hour-long delay.


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