Boeing to test 20 new technologies on Alaska’s Boeing 737MAX 9

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An American manufacturer Boeing and Alaska Airlines stepped into a partnership to try out20 new technologies during flight tests on a Boeing 737 MAX 9 jet.

Alaska Airlines committed to using their spanking new Boeing 737 MAX 9 for testing new technologies, including the halon-free fire-extinguishing agent which was designed by the manufacturer to reduce effects on the ozone layer. According to Boeing, the new material should replace the no-longer produced Halon 1301.

Among various other innovations, the airline will also assess the jet‘s cabin sidewall panels made from recycled material from the Boeing 777X wing production into a cabin sidewall panel. The manufacturer expects that the recycled material will reduce fuel use as well as carbon emissions and support Boeing‘s goal to achieve sustainable manufacturing. 

During flight tests, Alaska Airlines will also evaluate acoustic lining concepts within the engine nacelle, which is expected to reduce noise on current engines while in-flight.

Boeing hinted that the tests will come as a part of its latest ecoDemonstrator program, dedicated to enhancing the safety and sustainability of air travel. The flights are scheduled to start in the summer season of 2021. However, the manufacturer did not disclose any further details.

Boeing aims to test new technologies within the next five months. Once testing is completed, the manufacturer will configure the jet for passenger service and deliver it to Alaska Airlines.


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