Passenger reportedly attempts to hijack Delta Airlines flight

A passenger on Delta Airlines (DAL) flight DL386 allegedly tried to hijack the plane by trying to break into the cockpit. 

Delta Airlines (DAL) flight DL386 took off from Los Angeles (LAX) at 11:40 PDT on June 4, 2021. It was scheduled to land in Nashville (BNA) some 3.5 hours later. Instead, it diverted and landed in Alburquerque (ABQ) 1.5 hours after the takeoff. 

The reason for the diversion is reportedly an attempted hijacking of the Boeing 737 plane. Local media is reporting that an unidentified passenger allegedly tried to break into the cockpit but was caught and restrained.

The incident was caught on several videos circulating on social media. They show cabin crew wrestling with who could be assumed to be the hijacker. However, it remains unclear if the passenger indeed tried to break into the cockpit or was acting unruly in a different way. 

AeroTime has reached out to Delta Airlines (DAL) for comment. 

The aircraft carrying out the flight was a 6-year-old Boeing 737-932ER, registered as N830DN. 

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