RAS upgrades of cabin appearance to a Dassault 7X interior


RAS Group, an established and respected aircraft interior, exterior, and completions company, in synergy with JetMS, completed the exceptional project of renovating a Dassault 7X interior.

Over 25 years of operations the company has established a reputation for outstanding professionalism and excellence. Because of this, RAS was tasked with the luxury aircraft’s complete interior overhaul project. The renovation included enhancing the cabinetry by use of high gloss dark grained wood in combination with top-quality white aviation leather selected for the cabin seats.

The project began with the complete visualisation of the new interior. RAS Business Development Manager, Roger Patron worked closely with the customer’s interior designer to narrow down the choice of materials and finishes expressed by the owner to enhance the cabin’s interior.

“It was a process everyone at RAS was involved in. From the smallest inputs coming from our employees to a close collaboration with the owner’s interior designer, we strived to combine modern techniques and unique individuality into one piece of finely finished art. From the new look cabin cabinetry, crafted in high gloss dark grained wood, to the cheerful combination of white aviation-grade leather, trimmed with blue edge piping and set off by the vibrant blue carpet, the interior received a new lease of life in the form of carefully selected materials and forward-thinking design,” said Roger Patron, Business Development Manager at RAS Interiors.

A successful interior project lives on long after an airframe has left the shop. Because of this, careful examination and detailed testing of all materials were required to ensure their longevity and resilience. Specialised tests were performed on all materials to understand how they might react to long-term exposure to sunlight, moisture, and pressurisation. After several rounds of testing, RAS Interiors’ in-house design department, together with the company’s manufacturing division, crafted uniquely stylish products that could withstand unfavourable conditions, while at the same time presenting a pleasant visual appeal and the practicality of structural integrity.

“RAS Interiors, in cooperation with JetMS, is one of the few specialist one-stop shops in the world that can provide design, fitting, and maintenance services at one centralised location. Having noted that our customer was keen on having all interior refurbishment work done at the provider’s workshop, our in-house manufacturing and design departments proved to be valuable assets in the successful competition of this project. Working concurrently from one location on creating the desired look for the interior, while constructing and preparing the materials needed, allowed RAS to keep downtime to a minimum, and ensured that a high-quality product was delivered to the customer on time,” added Mr. Patron.

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