Bye announces launch customers of eFlier 800

Bye Aerospace

Bye Aerospace announced that Jet It and JetClub are going to become launch customers for the company’s eFlier 800 aircraft.

Both companies provide private jet services and aim to introduce the 8-seat all-electric twin turboprop class aircraft into their fleet by the end of the decade.

 The companies signed a purchase agreement for “a number” of the eFlier 800, as well as four eFlier 4 four-seat airplanes, accoding to a press release.

The eFlier 800 was announced in April 2021. It has a range of 926 kilometers (500 nautical miles) and can carry up to 7 passengers in addition to one or two pilots. 

According to the company, the aircraft has one-fifth the operating costs of traditional twin turboprops of comparable size and can function as air-taxi, be used in both regional and charter markets, as well as carry cargo. 

Bye Aerospace targets FAA certification of the aircraft by 2025. It is also in the process of certifying its eFlier 2 trainer and eFlier 4 four-seat air-taxi.

The eFlier 800 is developed jointly with French engine manufacturer Safran and, according to Bye, is going to become the first all-electric aircraft of its class in the market

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