Avia Solutions Group reveals The Triumphant Bull

Avia Solutions Group

Avia Solutions Group, a leading aerospace services group, celebrates an exciting occasion – the opening of Aviators’ Square and the reveal of The Triumphant Bull.

Aviators’ Square, located in Vilnius, Lithuania, is one of the main places of attraction at AeroCity – a modern cluster of aviation companies, bringing together aviation professionals, enthusiasts and public. The square is situated next to the group’s Service center and symbolises open and clear gateway to the rapidly rising AeroCity and the aviation industry as a whole.

While the square itself is beautiful and spacious, the guests are captivated by its impressive centerpiece – a giant bronze sculpture of a bull. The Triumphant Bull is the largest bronze bull sculpture in the world and the proof of Avia Solutions Group’s dedication to the entire aviation industry.

The bronze bull sculpture symbolises the ability of the aerospace industry to confidently meet and overcome any challenges that may arise. A great example of this is Avia Solutions Group itself, which, operating across five continents, is successfully tackling difficult challenges and is always striving for common financial victories.

Jonas Janukenas, CEO of Avia Solutions Group, commented the reveal: “Achieving such impressive goals requires tremendous iron courage and determination, making the new sculpture a symbol of such inspiration and encouragement. With the aviation market facing harsh times in the recent years, the new bronze sculpture gives meaning to the ability to withstand business hardships and remain unbreakable in the face of adversities. The industry’s and Avia Solutions Group’s ability to recover and show resilience are clear proof of triumph.”

The square is opened nearby the currently rising AeroCity Tech Valley, a community, bringing together the most talented and innovative tech professionals to modernise and digitise the aviation industry. Now the unveiled work of art and the square itself become a new inspiring point of attraction for both Vilnius residents and city guests.

According to legend, touching a bronze bull can provide emotional and physical strength, and for those who want to recharge their financial success, it is recommended to rub the bull’s nose.

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