Aviator extends partnership agreement with FedEx


Aviator Airport Services, a full-range provider of aviation services at 15 airports across the Nordics and a family member of one the largest aerospace service groups Avia Solutions Group, extended a partnership agreement with delivery services company FedEx for ground handling services.

With over 600 aircraft, FedEx is the world’s largest cargo airline, providing global delivery services for more than 50 years. Aviator and FedEx have been in a successful partnership for over 20 years.

The current contract was renewed for a 3-year period and will go into effect on 1st of September 2021. Aviator will provide FedEx with ground handling services, including de-icing at Malmö Airport in Sweden. Companies also have an ongoing cooperation contract at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

Jo Alex Tanem, CEO of Aviator Airport Services, commented: “We feel extremely proud to be able to continue calling FedEx, one of the largest players in the delivery services market, partners. We have been in a close cooperation for over 20 years and have always seen eye-to-eye about service quality. We are excited to continue our cooperation and delighted to see that with each extended contract the relationship is growing stronger and more successful.”

Aviator provides high-quality ground handling services: from passenger and baggage handling, to de-icing, cargo and full-freight handling, to station services, including airport security and the Nordic Dino aircraft washing robot.

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