Spanish music festival to use Airbus A330 fuselage as a stage

The fuselage of an old Airbus A330 widebody is set to be resurrected for a new life as a stage and a “secret club” in a Spanish music festival.

Residents of North-East Spain noticed the scraps of an aircraft being transported from Teruel (TEV) to the desert area of Fraga. The aircraft travelled from Spain’s famous aircraft storage facility for 230 km (143 miles) to reach the festival grounds on July 23, 2021. 

Here, it will be turned into a stage, and a secret club, which can accommodate at least 1,000 attendees, organizers of the Monegros music festival have confirmed.

“We can finally announce that MDF & 8.6 Beer bought an AIRBUS Plane for Monegros Festival 2022, and we will transform it into a secret club for 1.000 people!” Monegros music festival wrote on social media. 

“[This is] by far the craziest project we have done…many months to make another dream come true, endless meetings with the council and government, last-minute decisions.”

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