BAA Training appoints Marijus Ravoitis as new CEO

Renatas Repcinskas

Baltic Aviation Academy, better known as BAA Training, announced Marijus Ravoitis as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Ravoitis’ appointment comes into force on August 3, 2021. 

Ravoitis has 10 years of experience in international sales in various industries and continents. He joined BAA Training in 2017. Ravoitis will supervise the company’s global operations. 

“I look forward to building on the foundation that has been laid, driving an industry-leading growth that will benefit both BAA Training’s airline and private clients as well as all of the company’s employees and shareholders,” Ravoitis is cited in the company’s statement. “We will also focus on pursuing innovation and digitalization activities and realizing new services and ideas. “ 

Departing CEO Egle Vaitkeviciute held the role for 11 years and will now become a Strategic Advisor to BAA Training, where she will superintend the company’s global expansion plans in Europe, Asia, and other potential markets.

“BAA Training is a business that has already built the proper environment to thrive and systems to scale,” said Egle Vaitkeviciute. “It has taken operations to the overseas markets, hit the next level with opening multiple training centres globally and accelerated its Ab Initio school’s performance.”

Marijus Ravoitis (Credit: BAA Training)

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