Electra’s eSTOL aircraft aims for FAA certification by 2026

The American startup company Electra started working with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in an effort to certify its new hybrid-electric short takeoff and landing aircraft (eSTOL) by 2026.

In order to help with the FAA certification process, Electra hired Randy Griffith as its director of certification on August 17, 2021. The Virginia-based startup aims to get the FAA Level 3 type certification under 14 CFR Part 23 in 2026. 

“Randy is an industry veteran who has led the certification of the Eclipse Jet, Honda Jet, Mooney M10, Aerion SST, and Zunum ZA10. Having taken several aircraft from concept through certification, he knows what it really takes to get the job done and we are excited to have him on our team.” Electra CEO John Langford said in a company statement.

The Virginia-based startup is developing a new fixed-wing type hybrid-electric aircraft, which will be controlled by a single pilot and will be able to carry up to 7 passengers on board. The aircraft is expected to fly as far as 805 kilometers. The new eight electric engine-driven propeller aircraft will reach up to 30 miles per hour speed (48 kilometres per hour) during energy-efficient takeoff and landings and will cruise at high speeds of 200 miles per hour (321 kilometres per hour). Electra plans to start its eSTOL flight testing in 2022. 


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