India plans to set up 100 new airports and 1000 air routes by 2025

Nicolas Economou

Indian Minister of Civil Aviation, Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia, has recently announced the central government’s plan to set up 100 new airports and 1000 new air routes by 2025 under the regional air connectivity scheme – UDAN.

“It is our resolution to set up 1,000 new air routes and establish 100 new airports by 2025, under the UDAN scheme,” said Scindia while addressing a press conference in Indore (ANI). “In the last four years, out of these 1000 new air routes, 363 routes have been started. Out of the target of 100 new airports, 59 airports have already been established.”

The UDAN scheme intends to make air travel affordable for the common man as regarded by the Indian government. 

The action plan regarding the infrastructure and route expansion was not elaborated.

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