Afghanistan’s Kam Air evacuates its planes to Iran for safekeeping

Kam Air Boeing

Afghanistan’s biggest commercial airline Kam Air has flown some of its aircraft to Tehran without passengers, in order to keep them safe as explosions at Kabul Airport (KBL) killed over 100 people and increased chaos and tension in the country.

According to Forbes, Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization received a request from Kam Air and that the country soon received an unspecified number of the airline’s planes. 

“Following the escalation of clashes and tensions at Kabul Airport, the owners of private Afghan airline Kam Air requested the transfer of a number of the company’s airplanes to Iranian airports,” says Civil Aviation Organization spokesperson Mohammad Hassan Zibakhsh.

Zibakhsh confirms that the airplanes did not contain any passengers on board. “Iran has also issued a landing permit for these planes in line with international cooperation standards with neighbouring countries,” Zibakhsh added.

Kam Air is based at Hamid Karzai International Airport (KBL) and flies to 12 destinations in Afghanistan, as well as Turkey, India, and destinations across Central Asia and the Gulf. 

The Kam Air fleet consists of 12 Boeing and Airbus planes.

The airline was established in 2003 by Afghan businessman Zamaray Kamgar.

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